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ep.1 16-17 june 2018

ep.2 14-15 july 2018

This June, Zoom Lab in partnership with NIA Social Innovation and RISE IMPACT successfully launched the Social Innovation Workshop for 13 selected teams of early-stage social entrepreneurs. The program was designed to let our participants develop their social innovation ideas and encourage them to iterate their business models over the 1-month span.

The first 2-day workshop led all teams to think about their theory of change, identify their critical assumptions to validate their problem insights in the coming phase. This is a very initial step to realize their social innovation ideas. After the 13 teams were given a month to find out more insights about their social challenges, beneficiaries, users, and markets to pivot their ideas/ prototypes, The episode 2 of our Social Innovation Workshop brought them to think about their social impact metrics. Finally all teams had a floor to perfect their story-telling skills in our pitching coaching session. Partner: Zoom Lab, Puey Ungphakorn School of Development Studies

Photo Credit: Zoom Lab (2018)

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