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National Health Foundation, founded by health academics to support Knowledge-based Society for Health has the mission of improving the Thai Health System for sustainable health welfare of the Thai people.


It is known that the Thai Health System has a lot of room for improvement. It was a great opportunity to work with the National Health Foundation, a Thai independent health system think tank. The foundation believes there are systemic problems in Thai Health System to overcome. Therefore, they needed to create New Generation Agents of Change to drive change with NHF, and to create high impact projects for the Thai Health System.


We committed to NHF to make a ‘New Generation Agents of Change Fellowship Program’ to help the fellows learn about Systemic Change through real project execution. There were workshops and mentoring systems to help the fellows learn about problems worth solving, impact evaluation, feasibility, sustainability, and gain self development along their journeys towards the change in the Thai Health System that they desire.

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Together we desire a Systemic Change in Thai Health System. The changemakers we envision to make the change should develop themselves through real project execution within the Thai Health System. We utilized each other’s strengths: NHF’s networks and knowledge, RISE IMPACT’s refreshing points of view and experiences of working with changemakers, and together with the same vision, we were stronger.

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The idea to create Next Generation Agents of Change for Thai Health System was new to both NHF and RISE IMPACT, but we agreed to be in the same boat, facing the challenges and learning together, and that made us thought partners and trusted colleagues to each other.

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“Having worked with RISE IMPACT in the Health Positive+ Disruptor project, the National Health Foundation has seen the team’s potential, power, and dedication to navigate and manage the already difficult matters, which were complicated further by multiplicity of parties involved. What makes this team distinguishing is their professionalism in analyzing the issues and devising solutions in a systematic manner, solid teamwork, and strong capacity-building that greatly benefits their partners.”

Dr. Piya Hanvoravongchai
Project Manager, Health Positive+ Disruptor
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We saw the strengths and goals of each organization and knew what we could share. We were mutually dedicated together in this long project, and we knew we were the right partners for each other. The Systemic Change we dreamt of is not going to happen within a day, we know there is a long road ahead, and there are many jobs to be done together in the future.

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